Our Pledge to You

What Can You Expect from Us?

We are committed to providing high-quality health services that meet your needs.

  • Prompt, courteous and considerate service
  • To be addressed as you wish
  • To receive adequate notice of your appointment or admission
  • To know the names of those people who are caring for you
  • To be kept informed of delays when they arise
  • To be informed about any treatment proposed and of the risks involved or of alternative treatments available before you decide whether you will agree (consent) to treatment
  • To be informed in timely fashion of your time of discharge or transfer so that
    arrangements can be made for your return home and, if necessary, for your
    continuing care
  • To be treated in clean and comfortable surroundings
  • For your opinions about the care you receive to be listened to and respected
  • For any complaint you make to receive respectful and prompt attention