Therapy Services

Rehabilitation services designed to help patients through the process of recovery from injury or illness.

Our goal is to help people regain their independence and improve their lives.

We offer a variety of rehabilitation programs designed to get patients of all ages moving as quickly and safely as possible. Our approach focuses on direct involvement with each patient, combining advanced hand-on techniques with patient education and individualized rehab programs. Each of our therapists are trained in a range of traditional techniques as well as non-traditional treatment methods.

  • Therapy Services

    Guided Exercise & Training

    Each patient is assigned to a physical therapist who help you rehab to your fullest potential. Patients get one-on-one care with each therapist during their training.

  • Physical Therapy Services

    Exercise Room

    A variety of equipment to help you regain your independence and improve your life.

Meet the Physical Therapy Team

  • Physical Therapy
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Speech Therapy

The Team

We understand that returning to normal daily activities after an injury or illness can be a challenge. Our team of licensed physical therapists, speech-language pathologists, and occupational therapists are here to work side-by-side with each client to assist him or her return to work, family life, sports or leisure activities as soon as possible. Our team of professionals is compassionate and knowledgeable and wants to provide only the best care possible.

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